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LIVE H2O Therapeutic Bottled Water with 528Hz Spark of "LOVE" (Case of 9 bottles)
LIVE H2O Therapeutic Bottled Water with 528Hz Spark of "LOVE" (Case of 9 bottles)

More than 32 ounces. A bottle lasts about a week.
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(Minimum order):  9

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Description Instructions
This Champaign of Bottled Waters, LIVE H2O is the most naturally healing and energizing liquid on earth. You will know immediately by simply touching and tasting this “creative juice”--hydrosonically prepared to transmit nature’s most loving vibration, that there is nothing more powerful for your health and well-being than this “liquid prayer.”

LIVE H2O is not sold in health food or national chain stores. The only place you can purchase it now is through Healthy World Distributing, LLC, by calling toll free 1-888-508-4787, or by ordering online using the Buy Now buttons on this website.  Each bottle holds more than 32 ounces. So a bottle is likely to last you about a week. So for less than the cost of a Starbuck’s stop per day, you can drink the most therapeutic bottled water in the world.
Features & Ingredients
  • Water, the “universal solvent,” is found throughout the cosmos and makes up most of your body. Water contains hydrogen and oxygen in liquid crystal form for optimal energy conductivity.
  • LIVE H2O taps this natural treasure to transmit to your body water the most powerful healing force in the universe, LOVE (528Hz). Feel the Vibration of LOVE's Hydration!
  • Most bottled waters are energetically dead. But when you drink LIVEH2O bottled water with the "Spark of LOVE," you hydrate your body with healing energy like famous natural healing waters considered sacred worldwide.
  • Today we know how healing water works foremost as an energy carrier. Each H2O liquid-crystal molecule conducts hydrogen’s electrons transmitting this natural “spark of life” to oxygen—the most powerful healing element. LIVE H2O organically restores this electrical activity for your body to operate optimally providing this miracle of life and healing requirement.
  • LOVE is the “universal healer,” and music is the “universal language.” LIVE H2O marries the “universal solvent”—pure liquid-crystals of water—with the music of LOVE now known to feature 528Hz frequency. This is what makes LIVE H2O "spark" commonly when you first open it, and more often than that. This "zap" is why you feel so good after drinking only a few ounces of this therapeutic water.
  • LIVE H2O also pplies the “Perfect Circle of Sound™.” This Water Resonator (sold elsewhere in this store under Equipment) is positioned on each bottle of LIVE H2O. This resonating symbol represents nature’s nine core-creative-frequencies among which LOVE, 528Hz, is central. The Water Resonator on the left side of every bottle has been electro-magnetically prepared to subtly vibrate with the LOVE frequency so that the water stays as fresh as the day it was bottled.
  • Experience this vitality yourself every time you touch or taste LIVE H2O. Most people actually feel a spark when they touch this water. Rejoice as it enters your body giving you the best of life—pure LOVE—the universal healer.

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