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CBD528 Homeo-Alchemy
CBD528 Homeo-Alchemy
Our Price:$24.90

Spirit Remedies presents CBD528 Homeo-Alchemy Energized by 528 Frequency of LOVE

We began the process of creating CBD528 drug-free (and drug-freeing) homeopathic, by selecting the best, purist, white crystal CBD hemp (cannabidiol isolate), even though we wanted the finished product to be free of chemical CBD. We knew science proved efficacy of CBD isolates (C1 and C2)(1) against a variety of illnesses; especially pain, depression, and emotional distress. And we knew homeopathic science taught we could extract those values "energetically," and theoretically generate the same effects of CBD on body, mind, emotions and spirit, but without retaining any of the chemical in the final product. (That is, only the "resonance energy signature" of the CBD would deliver the effects.)

We did this for a number of reasons, including costs and benefits. We knew that people are generally intoxicated, "over-drugged," and hard pressed to afford expensive CBD products. Alternatively, CBD-free homeopathic CBD528, we knew by following standard homeopathic protocols, could deliver a better life for users, without adding more drugs or chemicals to your body.

1 oz bottle

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