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Our Price:$39.95

Now you can reverse tooth decay and gum disease naturally using good mechanical cleaning, avoiding dietary sugars, and brushing swishing, gargling, and swallowing LIQUID DENTIST. Without pain or drilling. Liquid Dentist kills germs that invade teeth with its microfine silver. The minerals in LIQUID DENTIST can then remineralize and harden tooth structures that have not been drilled away or lost due to old decay and tooth fractures. Plus, LIQUID DENTIST kills periodontal pathogens and LEAVES YOUR TEETH FEELING PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED FOR DAYS after brushing, flossing, and swishing for 2-3 minutes, gargling, and swallowing.
528 Water Ozonator
528 Water Ozonator
Our Price:$94.95

This low priced, highly reliable and powerfully efficient Ozone Generator is perfect for your personal use, especially as recommended by Dr. Horowitz for improved oral health following brushing and flossing and before swishing with Liquid Dentist.
Dental Selfcare Club Membership
Dental Selfcare Club Membership
Our Price:$650.00

Join the Dental Self-Care Membership Club and personally take care of your teeth to eliminate the need for costly dental visits.

The membership includes 2 free gifts:

1.) One Ultrasonic Scaler to help eliminate dental calculus, bacterial plague and tea scales on your teeth quickly without hurting your gums or the enamel, that is simple to use, after rapid assembly.

2.) One 8oz bottle of Liquid Dentist which helps reverse tooth decay and resolve gum disease naturally. It will leave your teeth feeling Hygienist clean for days!