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LIQUID DENTIST 3 PACK- 8oz with 528
LIQUID DENTIST 3 PACK- 8oz with 528

Reverse Tooth Decay and Resolve Gum Disease Naturally!
Prevent Drilling, Filling, and Billing!

Leaves your teeth feeling so clean for days you will be amazed!

CLICK HERE to view Dr. Leonard Horowitz, with Sherri Kane, introduce LiquidDentist with 528.
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Description Instructions Frequently Asked Questions
LIQUID DENTIST is a one stop defense system for not only your mouth, but your body.

This new formula aggressively attacks the germs and bacteria that cause oral diseases using concentrated microfine silver plus oxygen, helping your own body repair your teeth and gums naturally. Then, by swallowing this amazing formula that terminates 500+ strains of mouth germs, and breaks down countless viruses, you get a natural nutritional immunization against these critters when you swallow!
Your teeth will feel hygienist clean for two days if you swish for 2-3 minutes, gargle, then swallow Liquid Dentist. WOW! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

LIQUID DENTIST, coupled with good mechanical cleaning, good nutrition--avoiding sugar/refined carbohydrates, and swallowing, not only prevents decay causing acid from rotting your teeth, and without pain or drilling, kills germs that invade teeth, but you will be healthier, overall, as well.

Dr. Horowitz co-formulated LIQUID DENTIST to help re-calcify, re-mineralize, and re-harden tooth structures that have not been drilled away or lost due to old decay and tooth fractures. PLUS, this "LD528" formula kills periodontal pathogens and leaves your breath fresh and teeth feeling professionally cleaned FOR DAYS after brushing, flossing, and the recommended swish, gargle, and swallow.

LIQUID DENTIST electrocutes acid forming agents that cause needless suffering--tooth decay, dental abscesses, periodontal diseases, and expensive trips to the dentist.

Want to see more benefits? Read the LIQUID DENTIST website by CLICKING HERE.

Now you can reverse tooth decay and gum disease naturally using good mechanical cleaning, avoiding dietary sugars, and brushing swishing, gargling, and swallowing LIQUID DENTIST. Without pain or drilling. Liquid Dentist kills germs that invade teeth with its microfine silver. The minerals in LIQUID DENTIST can then remineralize and harden tooth structures that have not been drilled away or lost due to old decay and tooth fractures.

Plus, LIQUID DENTIST kills periodontal pathogens and LEAVES YOUR TEETH FEELING PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED FOR DAYS after brushing, flossing, and swishing for 2-3 minutes, gargling, and swallowing. Then, by swallowing, you get a natural nutritional immunization against 500+ strains of mouth germs, and countless viruses! Thus you get an unprecedented whole body broad spectrum immunization benefit from using this outrageous new health product that starts with your mouth.

Note: A separating yellow residue in the Liquid is normal. It is Non-Gmo vegetarian Lecithin, a carrier for the ingredients. It is what binds some of the active ingredients in the formula to help protect your teeth & gums from plaque and pellicle buildup and aid in tooth remineralization. Shake the product well before using. If you prefer a smoother blend, then we suggest blending it.
Features & Ingredients
  • activated fulvic, silver hydrosol (3ppm) essential oil blend (clove,
  • cinnamon, eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme, lemon, wintergreen, rosemary,
  • cinnamon bark and birch)proprietary enzyme blend,
  • stabilized oxygen concentrate, vegetable glycerin, lecithin, xylitol,
  • methylsulfonylmethane (pure MSM), purified bio-photon 528 restructured water.

    "I highly recommend Liquid Dentist to my patients, after the fantastic
  • results I had with my own teeth. For years, I had a lot of plaque and
  • tartar build up, despite, excellent daily oral hygiene practices. After
  • one month using Liquid Dentist daily, I went to see my dentist, who had
  • been cautioning me about the excess tarter. He found none. Soon
  • after, I visited my hygienist and she also found little or no plaque
  • build up or tarter. This is like a miracle to me. Thank you Dr.
  • Horowitz, for creating such a wonderful product for natural oral
  • healthcare." Dr. Aryana Canfield, N.D., O.M.D., Santa Fe, NM
  • EGG allergy alert: If you are allergic to dairy products, discontinue
  • use upon symptoms.
  • WOW! Now you can reverse tooth decay and arrest gum disease with one
  • amazing new product--LIQUID DENTIST--a super hero for your mouth (and
  • whole body) made with all natural ingredients. what a miracle! LIQUID
  • DENTIST is endorsed by America's leading dental consumer health
  • advocate, Dr. Leonard Horowitz. This incredible product works simply,
  • naturally, and effectively by sending liquid oxygen deep within your
  • teeth and gums.
  • LIQUID DENTIST energetically zaps the varmints that cause oral diseases,
  • then helps your own body repair your teeth and gums most naturally.
  • LIQUID DENTIST not only stops decay causing acid from rotting your
  • teeth, but also smites the germs destroying your teeth and gums.
  • This is the first and only dental remedy that electrocutes acid formers
  • that cause needless suffering--tooth decay, dental abscesses,
  • periodontal diseases, and expensive trips to the dentist....
  • Wouldn't it be great if you could conquer tooth decay without drilling?
  • Well now you can and here's how:
  • Once the electrically-active oxygen in LIQUID DENTIST electrocutes the
  • microbes menacing your teeth, their dead bodies remain deep within your
  • tooth surrounded by the tooth's original protein fibers. The dead
  • microbes and healthy filaments that dentists always drill away can
  • actually help repair your teeth naturally. The protein filaments act
  • like construction rebar--iron rods used to strengthen cement buildings.
  • The germ bodies act like little stones in cement that increase strength
  • in the cured filler.
  • So when liquid dentist flows minerals, including calcium and phosphate
  • naturally into teeth, into each area of tooth decay prepared by the
  • oxygen, this one two punch creates new tooth structure even harder, and
  • more decay resistant, than your original tooth.
  • Again, This natural dental filling is done without drilling! So besides
  • saving your teeth, you save the cost of needless trips to dentists, and
  • all the pain commonly caused by dental disease and even good dentists.
  • Gum disease is most often caused by germs that cause your white blood
  • cell body guards to invade your periodontal tissues. Brushing and
  • flossing is important, but periodontal germs and plaque is often missed
  • by even expert flossers and brushers.
  • LIQUID DENTIST never misses. This oxygenating remineralizing liquid
  • flows where brush and floss can't get. it cleans and naturally
  • disinfects beneath your gums and on root surfaces to arrest gum
  • inflammation that leads to periodontal disease.
  • Simply syringing of liquid dentist can even stop gum disease in deep
  • periodontal pockets.
  • SAVE A LOT OF MONEY. . . .
  • With pleasant tasting LIQUID DENTIST, you never need to buy another
  • mouthwash or tube of toothpaste again. You brush with LIQUID DENTIST,
  • rinse with it, and then swallow it for health. . . . Yes, it is so good
  • for you, and so natural, you would be wasting a precious mineral
  • supplement, oxygenation aid, powerful immune supporter, and general
  • health promoter, if you spit it out. . . .
  • Besides this, what has your investment in Fluoride toothpastes and
  • chemical mouth rinses cost if they failed to prevent or reverse your
  • dental problems? How expensive are fillings and gum treatments today?
  • What about gum surgeries? How costly is dental insurance?
  • Even more, LIQUID DENTIST actually helps neutralize toxic fluoride in
  • your body that you have consumed by drinking fluoridated tap water.
  • Besides this, children swallow a lot of fluoridated toothpaste. NO MORE
  • with LIQUID DENTIST! Now you can give your children something to brush
  • and rinse with that is great for them in every way.
  • Want to make sure your breath is germ free. Don't poison yourself with
  • alcohol and chemicals common in toxic mouthwashes. Spray a little LIQUID
  • DENTIST in your mouth (or on your protective mask is clinics and
  • surgery rooms) and stop worrying about spreading disease from mouth to
  • mouth.
  • LIQUID DENTIST assures reduced costs and the best protection you can get
  • to avoid needless expenses, dental diseases, and excruciating pains.
  • Money back guarantee. . . . Buy one bottle now. If you are not totally
  • impressed the first time, and every time, you use it, send the bottle
  • back and we will return your money.
  • We do this because with LIQUID DENTIST you will feel like you just
  • visited a great dental hygienist for a cleaning . . . and you will be
  • amazed at how long that feeling lasts. Your teeth will feel clean and
  • smooth for days after each use! Help people all around the world save
  • their teeth and jaw bones by sharing the gift of LIQUID DENTIST.
  • Tell everyone you know about LIQUID DENTIST and share this remarkable
  • blessing!

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