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528 Water Smacker

  • 528 Water Smacker
  • 528 Water Smacker
  • 528 Coaster (Sold Separately)
  • 528 Coaster (Sold Separately)
12.00 LBS
$26.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

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For less than $500 this
can save you thousands of dollars
and maybe your life.


This product features Tesla technology, and pioneers better quality of life using the Schumann resonance frequency fundamental to earth's natural energy.

Cut your need for drugs, drug use/abuse, side effects, and cost of meds or nutritional supplements by half or more using this technology that produces super-energized "wetter water" that increases the absorption of anything you consume with this kind of water.

Save money protecting your health, treating deadly diseases, preventing damaging drug side effects, and cleaning-up the environment.


For the first time in history, this new technology–the 528 Water Smackershockingly demonstrates the affordable manufacture and consume-ability of a special kind of energized water that can revolutionize healthcare and radically improve your life. The 528 Water Smacker irrefutably creates a palpable (self-evident/verifiable) super-charged “super-wet” water that you can feel by touching it, tasting it, and getting zapped with the most healing frequency on earth–the Schumann resonance frequency of the planet.

Readers can learn more about this pioneering invention and special introductory package offer by CLICKING HERE. Supplies are limited for this amazing hand-crafted technology that requires your pre-orders and two-to-three weeks for delivery.

Viewers can watch Dr. Horowitz reporting from Harvard University about this wonderful technology by CLICKING HERE.

Inventor Bob Boyce developed the Water Smacker (WS) based on Tesla technology. The WS resonates the water at the Schumann energy frequency of 7.83Hz. The water becomes micro-structured at this frequency. As this is happening, Dr. Horowitz recommends supplementing this energy by using the LOVE 528 Coaster (sold separately or in a package special).

In summary, the entire smacking unit works by super-charging the water with the most powerful and beneficial natural frequency.


Read more HERE


To Purchase the 528 Coaster separately, click HERE.


To Purchase the 528 Water Smacker plus LOVE 528 Coaster together in a package special, click HERE.


Note: For International Orders, even if the site gives you an option, we cannot ship this product by weight or Express mail. Please select International Priority Mail when checking out.

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  1. 528 Water Smacker 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Apr 2020

    I have been following Dr.Horowitz now for several years researching and buying his products. When his Water Smacker came out, it appeared and sounded amazing, but felt it was too expensive. Then with this year’s 2020 events, I bought it! When the Water Smacker first arrived I was super excited and ripped open the basic looking brown shipping box. The design of the machine is very simple and makes you think, will this work? The Water Smacker was well packaged and came with detailed instructions that you MUST read before use. They also provided a simple testing device that made sure it worked prior to use. After reading the instructions, testing the unit, preparing the “Smacking Area”, pouring the reverse osmosis water in the provided container and placing the Water Smacker over the water bottle, I turned it on. As soon as you flip the switch on, you can hear the water makes a quick sizzling noise then it becomes quiet, awesome!
    Now comes the hard part…waiting …. waiting.. about 2 days for the 1st full charge. After that you get better at cycling some bottles as they mention this in the instructions that reduce the charging times dramatically. So!! Days later the water is ready. We get a cup and poured the smacked water and pow! It has an amazing charge. I put my finger in the water stream as I’m pouring it in to the cup and I get a good zap/spark every time. At this point I’m really happy with the purchase as I can physically see and feel the charge of the the Water Smacker working. The Smacked water has a smooth creamy taste that just makes you feel good. The Water Smacker is simple to set up and easy to use. We are excited to see the physical benefits in the upcoming weeks with this water technology. I must add that we have been doing yoga now for only a few years practicing the shambhavi mahamudra kriya. When we drink the smacked water and do yoga, you can instantly feel and see the energy in mediation, love it! I will definitely share this product and water with family and friends. We also found out they make a Water Smacker Pro for larger families as well. This machine is affordable and a must have for families around the world, after all we spend / waist more money on entertainment items right? Thank you Dr. Horowitz for all of your life long research and hard work bringing this hidden technology back out for all of us to have.
    Lots of Love (528Hz),

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