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BioEnergy Rehab Kit

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The Complete "BioEnergy Rehab Kit." Technology Pioneered by Award-winning Health Science Expert, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.



Energy Medicine pioneer and Frequency Therapy expert, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, studied Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife's brilliant works to advance this most wonderful natural healing and care-giving technology. This equipment bio-energetically reduces, often eliminates, common aches and pains while balancing chakras and rehabilitating the flow of energy through acupuncture meridians.




Shown above is a demonstration of how to use this BioEnergy Rehab Kit. It starts with your personal 'biofield" of energy that you will leverage using the BioEnergy Wand designed by Dr. Horowitz. You see that one hand holds the wand, and the other only the handle. That creates an energy flowing circuit through the strongly magnetized Wand.

The handle contains a test tube filled with the 'nosode,' remedy, or even colored gemstones matching the color and energy of the chakra you wish to balance. (Chakra Disks shown above are sold separately in the Healthy World Store.) The strongly magnetized Wand amplifies your bioenergy field circuit. By simply waving the quartz crystal tip of the BioEnergy Wand at the point of stimulation (consistent with a quartz crystal radio receiver and transmitter) the therapeutic energy is delivered to that point.
That energy is also transmitted into the recipients body, into their acupuncture meridian system, magnified and amplified by this equipment, your own personal bio-field, and your own heart-felt loving intention in faithful prayer to transmit miraculous healing.

Your heartfelt loving intention to administer healing is also magnified by this equipment resonating in 528Hz. A recent double-blind peer-reviewed study proves that 528Hz lives up to its name--"The MIracle Note of the ancient Solfeggio scale." The sound wave increased immunity by 100% as indicated by anti-oxidant levels, and provided the central nervous system with 20% more protection against intoxication from alcohol. (Click here to read this study.)

Unlike any other healing instrument ever developed, Dr. Horowitz designed this instrument to 'meld' your heart and bio-field into a 'LOVE 528' frequency miraculous healing system. (If that seems foreign to you, or you are a science 'skeptic,' you have not read Dr. Horowitz's monumental publication, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, and you should take his Frequency Rehab Course.)

Furthermore, this system integrates other successful forms of natural healing, such as homeopathy and herbal medicine. You will join your personal loving 528 energy with the remedy frequency you've placed in the handle of this pioneering instrument. Then all that great healing energy will be transmitted through the powerful magnetic field at the heart of the instrument's coiled circuitry. All of this intelligent design generates healing energy transmitted into the recipient of this restorative blessing.

In other words, this breakthrough in healing technology leverages your own body's bio-field (i.e., aura). This design supplements your own body energy, and positive therapeutic intent, by generating powerful magnetic fields generated by the instrument that your energy and intention directs into the patient, client, or blissful recipient. You choose the specific remedies that you place into the handle of this instrument. These can include homeopathic remedies, herbal formulas, Bach flower remedies, essential oils, colored gemstones and more. Altogether, you will be able to deliver more positive healing energy, coupled with loving intentions (resonating from your heart), transmitting the precise remedies for healing into the ailing person.

Equally great, you will be able to treat a lot of people using this technology in one day without picking up their 'draining energy.' Because the equipment acts remotely. You don't need to physically touch the recipient. The equipment acts as an intermediary, protecting you from getting drained, or picking up the patients/clients' 'bad vibrations.'

This therapeutic system naturally prompts speedy recoveries from a variety of ailments.* It works using miracle-making knowhow that Dr. Horowitz teaches in his Frequency Rehab Course. In fact, he even teaches you how to manufacture these instruments at home! Register NOW!




Chakra Disk Set (Also sold separately.)



You can use your BioEnergy Wand with or without the Chakra Disks. But you will want to own and use a hand-made custom-designed set like this.

These beautiful gemstone arrayed disks are made from real gemstones held in a natural plant-resin crystallized-matrix hardened in 528Hz-- the "'MI'racle Frequency of 'LOVE 528.'" This design, manufacturing process, and the gemstones used, work together to give people a powerful self-help option. The disks stay on the chakras where you place them. They don't roll off the body like single gemstones during treatment sessions. These were designed for home care-giving as well as clinical practices.

Everything is hand-made and custom-ordered. You can order the 'standard' set or the 'deluxe' set that contains more expensive hand-selected colored gemstones. (Shown in the photos are the 'standard' high quality Chakra Disk Set.)

You can also purchase the individual BioEnergy Wand elsewhere from this store for only $1500. It too is a 'custom order' item, and will take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Elsewhere in this store you can also purchase instructional videos that teach you how to make this entire kit. Having been taught, and having purchased a few needed materials, you too can make many of these beautiful therapeutic products yourself by following Dr. Horowitz's easy-to-follow instructions.

Use these BioEnergy Wands and Chakra Disks on your family, friends, patients or clients. They are not available in other stores (at the present time.)

These valuable instruments are two of four commercially-viable products featured in Dr. Horowitz's 12-credit hour certified "Frequency Rehab Course." You might want to take this Course before or after you purchase this BioEnergy Rehab Kit. The total Course trains you to own and operate a virtual 'Frequency Rehab Franchise' in your community.


Dr. Horowitz's Course also trains you to start your own brand of BioEnergy healing products. These products are highly recommended for forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, health professionals, and owners of spas and gyms wherein you can offer and provide these natural healing services for a fee. And yes, making this purchase permits you do deduct your payment from the Course tuition. More information about this Course is linked HERE.

Invest Only $1,500 now to start your BioEnergy Wand healing practice in 6-weeks! (Again, the BioEnergy Wand and Chakra Disk Set are 'special order' items; they are hand-made and custom ordered. Please allow 6-weeks for delivery.)

*BioEnergy Wands and Chakra Disks are obviously not drugs, nor can they reasonably be misconstrued as drugs. They are not intended to diagnose or treat any kind of disease condition. These products have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. But they are intended, claimed, and experienced to produce relaxing, healing, pain relieving, energy balancing, and generally beneficial results during and after use.

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