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Perfect Circle of Sound Embroidered Patch

Perfect Circle of Sound Embroidered Patch resonates the 528 hz frequency which is one of the 9 core creative frequencies of the Solfeggio Scale.
Perfect Circle of Sound Sticker

Perfect Circle of Sound Sticker resonates the 528 hz frequency which is one of the 9 core creative frequencies of the Solfeggio Scale.

Why are there precisely 5,280 feet in a mile? Why is grass green? Why do snowflakes have six-sides? Why are pyramids triangular? And that warm fuzzy feeling you have in your heart, what we call LOVE—why do we regard that as the universal healer? Celebrate greater LOVE in relationships, and adore more intimacy between you, significant others, and the Creator, through lessons learned about 528—the MIracle frequency. The third note of the ancient Solfeggio scale, “528,” is classically called “mi” short for “mIra gestorum” in Latin, meaning “miracles.” During the past decade, mathematicians and physicists have shared with Dr. Horowitz their knowledge of “528” radiating from the heart of the universe, most visibly the “rainbow sound of the sun." Metaphysically, the “528” mira gestorum is the musical-mathematical matrix of creation. This knowledge demystifies how miracles are made with positive intention, faith, prayer and the music of creation.

Beam Us Up Scotty Music CD by Huckabay
Our Price:$19.25

Scott Huckabay proves here he is the Universal Guitarist—the Jimi Hendricks of the Spiritual Renaissance. This live performance is energetically compelling.  It makes you get up and dance, exercise, move and groove to the brilliant leads, bass, percussion, and rhythms.  Scott uses the 528 Hz tuning here—the “LOVE frequency” advanced by Dr. Len Horowitz in LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE.
Healing Tones
Our Price:$19.25

The first therapeutic CD created using the 6 original Solfeggio frequencies. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, and healing sessions at home or in clinical practices. Comes highly recommended from thousands of satisfied users.
Horowitz Coast-to-Coast
Our Price:$19.25

America's leading authoritative source on health science corruption, having exposed negligence and malfeasance at the highest levels of the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Horowitz contends that rapidly advancing bio-spiritual technologies that naturally operate using the body's subtle energy flows is the way to the future.
Horowitz On Vaccines CD
Our Price:$19.25

If you have any questions about the safety and efficacy of vaccines then this most informative and shocking CD is for you and your loved ones. How effective are vaccines? Far less than most people believe. What risks do they pose? More than medical doctors know and tell. Why have so many vaccines suddenly become required? Follow the money and political agendas. Are they truly "mandated by law," and if not, how can you and your children become exempt from vaccine programs if so desired? Religious exemptions are available to you in most states, learn about them (if you are a Christian, Jew, or Muslim, as vaccines violate your laws).
LIVE/LOVE in 528 Music CD by Scott Huckabay
Our Price:$19.25

“Live LOVE in 528” is a very upbeat performance featuring Scott Huckabay’s electronic musical genius and the Creator’s special 528Hz frequency “LOVE tuning.” The mathematics and harmonics played here were pioneered by Scott following the producer’s direction in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse and LOVE the Real da Vinci CODE.
Luminocity CD by Scott Huckabay
Our Price:$19.25

This blend of Scott Huckabay’s creative genius with the “Perfect Circle of Sound” (revealed by Dr. Leonard Horowitz in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse and LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE) is extraordinarily relaxing and rejuvenating. Great for meditation, therapy, or prayer sessions.
Rain Dancer CD by Scott Huckabay
Our Price:$19.25

Rain freshens like Scott Huckabay’s creative genius. He dances on rain here in Rain Dancer, recorded in an outdoor temple in Kauai, Hawaii , February, 2007. It was raining that night when Scott’s audience danced before him and God in the rain. This eclectic album features gentle and moderately vibrating compositions. Scott spontaneously generated each incredible track live, as a solo act, with the Creator’s helping hand using the Perfect Circle of Sound™.
The Light Wins Music CD by Scott Huckabay
Our Price:$19.25

The Light Wins is an easy listening album for work and play that uses the tones of the Perfect Circle of Sound™ advanced by Dr. Leonard Horowitz in The LOVE CODE, a feature-length documentary employing several of these splendid tracks. This album’s theme gives thanks and praise to the Creator of all life’s lessons. The fact that life on earth is full of challenges, providing opportunities to turn lemons into lemonade, gives glory to the good that always overcomes evil, like light dispels darkness. The Light Wins affirms victory over all that undermines personal integrity and our Almighty’s spirituality.