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Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

1) Customer Errors SHALL NOT BE ACCOUNTABLE for errors in ordering made by customers. This includes common errors such as: (a) Improper shipping instructions, including erroneous name or shipping address entries; (b) wrong products ordered on this website; and (c) amount of products ordered by customers. Users must be careful to accurately input their order data. 

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE ON LIQUID PRODUCTS ordered on this store. This is because some people have abused common sense and/or our goodwill. Our liquid products may be "perishable" (such as our hand-crafted optimally organic Liquid Dentist). Our liquid products may be subject to tampering by the customer, thereby precluding us from re-selling returned liquid products.

For non-liquid products sought to be returned by customers for "good cause," there may be a 20% restocking fee charged on such "customer error" returns requested by customers.

2) Company Errors

If our company ships you incorrect nutritional products or other items, you may be asked to return such products at our shipping expense, unopened and resalable, within 10 days of their delivery. We will pay all return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error.

If we neglected to ship you the product you ordered, then we will timely ship you the correct product at our cost (within 5 business days following notification).

If we fail to serve you properly, in accordance with the aforementioned policy, you may request a refund for products ordered and undelivered.

3) Liquid Product Leakage

If you receive a leaking bottle, we will reship you a replacement at our cost usually within 5 business days. Our liquid products are carefully sealed and also wrapped protectively to reduce damage by postal carriers. On occasion, however, shippings' mishandling causes leakage. We assume responsibility for this.

4) Postal Service Errors

If any postal service we may commission, such as USPS, Endicia, UPS, FedX, or DHS, erroneously fails to deliver our shipment(s) to you, then you are responsible for examining the "tracking record"--posted information to determine the whereabouts of your order. Try to determine any reason for the failed or delayed delivery. is not responsible for any loss or delay caused by shipping address errors made by customers. Neither is this store responsible for administering special delivery instructions on shipping labels. Special delivery instructions are to be established by you with your local mail carrier.

5) Store Refunds or Credits

In some instances you may be issued a store credit, rather than a refund. The time it takes us to receive your return, and then process your return once we receive it (3 to 5 business days), delays our administration of your refund or credit. 

Refunds are usually processed through our online credit card processing company. It typically takes 48 to 72 hours for our refund to reflect in your account. 

6) Shipping Restrictions and Added Costs on Foreign Orders

We may be able to ship to any address worldwide. But there are restrictions on some products. International orders raise our shipping administration costs substantially. We may need to fill out customs forms for your order, and that is administratively burdensome and costly. Even then, some countries (such as Canada) have rejected our customs declarations for reasons undisclosed and unknown.

Please note that shipping rates by item or weight vary regularly and have been increasing outrageously during the past couple of years. If you have been charged a fee for shipping that is substantially below our cost, we reserve the right to notify you regarding the unexpected increase in shipping costs, request your additional payment, and cancel your order with your understanding.